Animal Kingdom Celebration!


This week I visited two zoos in the Netherlands. See the links below. All these amazing animals reminded me of the wonder of the natural beauty surrounding us and that we should be very careful with the natural beauty that is still left on this planet.

The zoos I visited:
Beekse Bergen is kind of a wildlife reserve. You can drive through the park in your own car. Many of the animals are curious and will approach your car. You can also go by boat to see the animals from another angle and in a different context.

Dierenrijk, the Family Zoo

Dierenrijk is a small ‘family ZOO’. Yet they have plenty of ‘big five’ animals. And because the ZOO is so small, you can get very close to the animals.

These ZOOs have elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, cheetas, zebras, camels, bears, gorillas, crocodiles, etcetera.
Both ZOOs are highly recommended.

I shot about 200 clips and used most of them for this video.

Animals are so authentic, funny and often cute to watch.
Even the big cats, like lions and tigers.
Watch the ‘synchronized tigers’ shot to see the cuteness of these wonderful animals. Or see the Lion King/Frozen Mashup part to see more cuteness. You’ll get the title if you watch that part. Or the raccoon feeding part for that matter. The raccoons very gently took the special food (provided by the ZOO) with their little claws.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Giraffe Carwash’ part. So funny that these giraffes just like to lick your windshield and sunroof.

I filmed this video on a Canon PowerShot SX 270 HS.
I edit my videos with Magix Video Deluxe Premium.

Save the world! Make nature great again!