Trip To Trier, Germany #1

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel for an entire week to the area around the city of Trier in the south-west of Germany. It was great doing some sightseeing and shopping in Trier. For the past few years I aim to be in Trier at least once a year. So far I managed, and so far, Trier hasn’t disappointed me! Watch the video below!

Trier is an amazing city with no less than 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! The city was built as of 16 AD commissioned by the Roman Emperor of Augustus. Trier is extremely lucky that quite a few of its ancient Roman structures are still intact today. Especially the Porta Negro (Black Gate) is a very rare example of Roman architecture north of The Alps. In present day, Trier has a population of 107.000, many of them being students from Germany and nearby Luxemburg.

In the video you’ll see an impression of my trip (by car) starting in The Netherlands. Then driving through the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. After that I enter the Eifel Mountains in Germany. And from there on it is about one or two hours to Trier. I stayed in a convenient bungalow at a distance of 17 miles (28 kilometers) from Trier. The bungalow was located at a recreational facility owned by Landal Green Parks. The facility was called “Hochwald” and I very much enjoyed the clean air and the tranquility there.

You can find part 2 of my trip to Trier in Germany here:
Trip to Trier, Germany #2

Mmm, English… At some point in the video I mention the “leafs” on the trees. After uploading the video I learned it’s supposed to be “leaves” which I consider to be rather odd. Oh well…

Trier, Germany, Deutschland


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