The Coming Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash Share Prices Financial Crisis

The stock markets are likely to crash before 2020, and a new financial crisis is on its way. I will give you 8 reasons why share prices will collapse in the next few years.

#1: The economy of China is slowing down
#2: Share prices have risen to a bubble
#3: Interest rates are likely to go up
#4: Investors are moving to real estate again
#5: Oil prices are likely to rise
#6: A large scale Middle East war is on its way
#7: The USA and China are heading for a serious conflict
#8: Public and private debt have risen even further since the 2008 financial crisis.

These signs indicate a growing risk of a global financial meltdown and a coming crisis at stock markets. Are you planning to step back into buying shares again. Do you plan to put your savings or pension in stocks? I strongly recommend you to think carefully and assess the risks first.

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