Molly Malone – Living Room Edition

One of my subscribers commented on my original version of Molly Malone (the Irish folk song).
My original version is in the video below.

She said she thought there was too much reverb and echo in my voice.

Call me nuts, but because of that comment, I made a whole new version of Molly Malone. This time it’s my “Living Room Edition”.
Have a look at the next video below.

I stripped the song from most of the reverb and echo and I also removed some of the musical instruments to make it even more intimate.
So now it is much more my voice without any effects and only very little synthesizer.

I suppose Youtube doesn’t allow me to use the same video images twice, even though I totally made the video myself.

they could consider that duplicate content and that might be against their regulations. So the video image now consists of a series of pictures I took during my last visit to Dublin.

Let me know in the comments below if you like this version!
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Molly Malone - Living Room Edition


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