Wrecking Ball (cover)

This is my cover of the Miley Cyrus song ‘Wrecking Ball’.

I performed the music on my Yamaha Synthesizer and chose presets of Synth Master Player as some of my musical instruments. I sang the lyrics over a period of 3 days in november 2016. Couldn’t get it right, and of course I am still not satisfied with the end result.

I performed the music and Lyrics at my home studio in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Left the audio on my harddisk for a couple of months and then I became ill, I had pneumonia. So I could not and I still can’t do any additional vocal recordings. My voice is still to weak (february 2017).

So I decided to work on the images. I created a video from clips from the Video Blocks library in order to unfold a ‘story’. I selected and edited these clips to represent what, in my opinion are some of the core themes in life, being;

our insignificance in the cosmos, love and family life, the hectic bustle of career and city life, nature and peace, creativity and spirituality and the circle of life.

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Wrecking Ball (cover)

Wrecking Ball cover